Checklist: Baby Budget

Whether it's a one-time purchase or a monthly cost, here's where you'll spend.
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Updated September 15, 2020
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Here’s a list of major purchases and investments over the first year — estimate how much you’ll fork over for each to come up with a rough answer to your question. And remember… the amount you plan to spend doesn’t always match up with the amount you actually spend.

One-Time expenses:

[] Nursery decorating/remodeling:

[] Crib:

[] Crib mattress:

[] Crib sheet, crib skirt and receiving blankets:

[] Dresser:

[] Rocking chair:

[] Changing table:

[] Baby monitor:

[] Playpen, bouncy chair:

[] Safety gates:

[] Baby bathtub:

[] High chair:

[] Bottles:

[] Pump:

[] Nursing clothes:

[] Medicine kit:

[] Stroller:

[] Baby carrier/sling:

[] Car seat:

[] Diaper bag:

[] Maternity leave salary loss:

[] Writing/rewriting will:

Monthly expenses:

[] Diapers:

[] Formula and food:

[] Clothes:

[] Toys:

[] Extra laundry costs (water, electricity, detergent):

[] Child care:

[] Life insurance for you and your partner:

[] Medical insurance:

[] Disability insurance:

[] Medical bills (uncovered and co-pays):

[] College/education savings:

[] Contribution to savings:

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