Chrissy Teigen’s 13 Parenting Moments We Can All Relate to

Further validation that you’d totally be mom friends.
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Published November 2, 2017
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You know those moms, the ones whose lives look totally put together, whose Instagram feeds look like beautifully curated professional photo shoots and who have this whole parenting thing down to a science? Yeah, that’s not Chrissy Teigen—and that’s exactly why she would be our mom friend. Yes, she’s a model and yes, she’s married to a pretty good singer-songwriter guy. Yes, she hosts a TV show. But she also falls asleep with her breast pump on and talks about stretch marks, plus everything else that’s weird, new and different now that she’s a parent.

Here, 13 times Chrissy Teigen was the most relatable mom ever. Hoping to submit your mom-friend application? Just make sure to stay on her good side. She’s known for trolling.

1. When “multitasking” takes on a whole new meaning as a mom.

2. When she awkwardly tweeted her way through her birth announcement.

3. When she learned the real deal about postpartum recovery.

4. When she realized pumping breast milk round the clock can really cramp your style.

5. When she raised a white flag at her car seat.

6. When she went no filter on her new stretch marks like no big deal.

7. When she also talked about her postpartum insecurities (because we all have them).

8. When she shut down mommy shamers.

9. When she uncovered the first of many parenting contradictions.

10. When she preemptively told people to save their parenting advice about changing the baby’s diaper (and everything else they have advice on).

11. When she fan-girled over Luna’s first word.

12. When she opened up about postpartum depression: “I just didn’t think it could happen to me.”

13. When she had an “aha” moment: Parenting a toddler can be the worst.

Published November 2017

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