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Which Cleaning Products Are Harmful to Baby?

Are there cleaners, stains or other products I should be avoiding around baby?

Unfortunately, there are few scientific studies to guide us on this issue. But if it’s not natural, it probably shouldn’t be used around baby. “The precautions I recommend are generally common sense. Read the labels of your products carefully and avoid anything labeled as toxic,” says Dr. Ashley Roman. “You may also want to consider using or making alternative cleaning products with baking soda or vinegar.”

Try replacing your usual brands with  Babyganics, a brand that makes exclusively non-toxic, baby-friendly products, from detergents to diapers and sanitizing wipes.

Dr. Cheryl Wu reminds parents to carefully store potentially dangerous products. “You should be careful with basically anything that could be drunk by a curious toddler.” she says. “Of course, that includes locking away all alcohol and medications — over-the-counter as well as vitamins and supplements.”

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