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Could This New Light Bulb Help Baby (and You) Sleep Better?​

If bedtime is a nightly struggle in your household, the solution may be the flip of a switch.

Or two flips of a switch, to be exact. Saffron has come out with a new light bulb, the Drift-Light, to make falling asleep easier. The LED bulb twists into any light fixture. Turn the lamp or light on once, and it acts as a normal bulb. But turn it on, off, on, and the Drift-Light enters " midnight mode."

Don’t worry, the intention isn’t to have your kiddos up until 12. While in midnight mode, the bulb fades to dark over the course of 37 minutes, mimicking the light change and duration of a sunset. The goal is to help sleep become more natural, the way it was before reliance on artificial light and electronics. A gradual shift  to darkness increases melatonin , the hormone responsible for a functioning sleep cycle.

If your little one prefers a nightlight, the Drift-Light still has you covered. Three flips of the switch activate " moonlight mode ," in which the bulb fades to a glow.

The magic is in a built-in micro controller, and this magic will cost you $29.

How do you prep your family for bedtime? 

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