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Extremely unofficial advice for dads, from dads.
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March 2, 2017
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This week, the folks at Dad Magazine are taking questions from readers. Read on for some totaly sound, practical and paternal advice.

Nursery newbies

Dear Dad,

My wife and I are expecting our firstborn, and we’re in the process of setting up the nursery, but we can’t agree on a good design theme! I think making the room look like a zoo would be fun, while she’s more in favor of an abstract motif. What should we do?

Designer Dad

Dear DD,

What a kid sees in her nursery has the ability to influence her mood and interests for the rest of her life, so you’re right in taking this very seriously. Your child is going to see your design choices every day, so you should pick something relaxing yet mentally stimulating. Which is to say, you’re both wrong! Decorate the room with trains. That way your child will grow up to be efficient and powerful! (Like a train.)

Top of the class

Dear Dad,

We’re about to send our kid to preschool, and there are quite a lot to choose from in our area. How do we know we’re choosing the best one? What do you look for in a good school?

Preschool Papa

Dear PP,

Man, back in my day, preschool was where you ate paint and napped for six hours so your parents could go back to work and have an actual adult conversation for once. But nowadays it’s all about making sure your 3 year old is college ready, which is why I just dropped my kid off at Yale and let the professors take pity on him. The best part is, the high walls around campus kept him pretty safe. I recognize not everyone lives near Yale, so if that’s the case, just pick any preschool. They’re basically all fine.

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Teething tips

Dear Dad,

My toddler is teething and it’s driving me nuts! If he isn’t screaming, he’s quietly gnawing on something important when my back is turned. How am I supposed to get through this?

Ticked Off in Toothville

Dear TOT,

I feel you. Teething is a time of upheaval for the entire family—the baby’s in a lot of physical pain and that can cause a lot of stress in the household. An easy solution is to get a lot of very soft, chewable objects and leave them around the house! For instance, I’ve worked in the auto parts wholesale industry for many years, so I had a lot of access to tires, gaskets and rubber floor mats. Sure, my floor was covered in chewed-up gaskets for the better part of a year, but that’s the way the news goes sometimes!

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