How to Deal With Crying Twins?

How do I deal when they're all crying at the same time?
ByExcerpted from The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition
Jan 2017
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Every mom- (and dad-) to-be has worried about the time when she or he will be alone, surrounded by screaming infants demanding immediate attention. It’s a fact that babies cry, sometimes a lot. After all, it’s their primary method of communication, and it will occur when they’re hungry, wet, overstimulated, gassy, uncomfortable, or just plain tired. Sometimes placing one baby in a carrier and keeping her close to you while holding or soothing the other can stop the screaming and restore calm. But realize there are going to be days when both babies cry, and in most cases it’s okay if you’re not responding to both immediately. In time, they’ll also learn to soothe themselves. And think of it this way: Twins learn to be more resilient early on, since their needs aren’t always immediately being met.

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