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Dove Calls Out to Dads, and It’s Amazing

Dove is offering an argument-ending rebuttal to all those who joke that dads need a baby manual. Tied to the brand’s grooming line for men, Men+Care, this Father’s Day ad celebrates the roles dads play in kids’ lives.

You won’t find dads washing cars or mowing lawns here. After interviewing 1000 dads, Dove found that 75 percent see themselves as responsible for the emotional well-being of their kids. But only 20 percent feel this role is reflected in the media.

In 60 seconds of heartwarming, tear-jerking daddy tenderness, Dove started to fill that media gap. The video features cuts of fathers of all ages responding to that expectant call: “Dad?!” Viewers are encouraged to join in, and submit photos with the hash tag " RealDadMoments."

Have you called your dad yet?