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Finding ‘Me Time’ Is Impossible When You’re a New Mom

My husband and I lead a very organized, balanced lifestyle.  Everything has its place in the house. Or so it did…

Four months ago, we welcomed a baby boy into this world and now, our little guy has thrown our whole life balance off-kilter (in the best way possible). We enjoy every minute we have with him and we love him so much, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t gotten extremely frustrated at times. Before baby, our lives had balance; after baby, we know no such balance.

It’s driving me nuts that I have not figured out how to make everything work out as well as before. I know — I know —  that what I want is nearly impossible, but gosh darnit!, a girl can dream.

My husband and I really need to work on dividing out our time better. It would give us both a chance at some alone time. Currently, my husband does almost all of the housework and yard work and because of that, our yard and house are immaculate. I am very grateful that he’s able (and willing) to do it all, but that leaves me with Connor (our son) all of the time. That is fine, of course, but sometimes I just want a little me time. Is that so wrong? My husband has his outlet — he enjoys doing the yard work and it is something he can do on his own, uninterrupted.

Right now, I have no outlet. I have to adjust everything I do to fit Connor into the mix. Working out _was _my outlet and now I’m only able to do it once or twice, here and there. I want so bad to just go for a run by myself. I’ll get to clear my head, listen to some tunes, and get the rush of adrenaline running gives me. I miss that feeling terribly.

One day, we’ll figure it out… hopefully soon.

How do you find time for you after baby?

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