Best Parenting Memes of 2017

Because you definitely deserve a laugh today.
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By Holly Pevzner, Contributing Writer
Published October 20, 2017
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Scrolling through funny parenting memes is not procrastinating. Honestly, it’s not! It’s relating to fellow parents and getting a well-deserved LOL in the middle of your long, hard day. Here, some of our favorite parenting memes of 2017 so far. You’re welcome.

Funny Parenting Memes: The AM / PM Edition

The AM Chant Heard Round the World
See, kids, all mommies and daddies turn into raging monsters while waiting (and waiting, and still waiting) for you to locate and put on your flippin’ shoes.

Is it Really a Good Morning? Really?
This parenting meme totally gets us. This is an actual photograph of all moms when woken up before the sun.

Oh, Helloooooo
Not pictured in this too-accurate parenting meme: Sweatpants, a coffee-stained T-shirt and slippers.

Love Ya! Good Night
If you just messed with the clocks, got black-out curtains and had dinner ready by 3 p.m., this plan would go off without a hitch. Brilliant!

Baby Pep Talk
Secret footage has finally been obtained of your baby, minutes before you tell her it’s time for night-night.

Day from Hell
This spot-on parenting meme understands the struggle. You see, stay-at-home moms and dads want you to ask—so they can unload. Now pour them a glass of wine.

Funny Parenting Memes: The Mom Life Edition

The Scariest Cut
This parenting meme will send a cold shiver down every parent’s spine. The only reason those bitty baby sleep mittens were ever invented was so parents could avoid this horrifying task.

Where Did That Pregnancy Glow Go?
You had us going, Queen Bey. But we know what’s up.

The Dirty Sock Tsunami
This parenting meme should be framed and hung in every mother’s laundry room.

They Just Can’t Help It
Kids—they always gotta be startin’ something. And 9 times out of 10, that “something” involves pushing every one of your buttons.

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Sure, Kids, Pile On
This is what having personal space looks like when you’re a mom.

Number Crunching
Elementary school homework: the world’s way of reminding parents everywhere that you don’t know diddly.

Just One Bite!
There are plenty of funny parenting memes about the hazards of mealtime, but this mama cat is all of us and our amazing (amazing!) meals that no one ever seems to appreciate.

Funny Parenting Memes: The ‘Thanks, Kids’ Edition

Not a Square to Spare
Wait, you thought the kids would replace and recycle? Bahahahaaaa.

Privacy is Overrated
“I’m on the toilet” is roughly translated to mean, “Yes, please cram into this tiny room and speak to me about a whole lotta nothing while I do my business.”

Parenting Poetry
How many funny parenting memes have you come across that qualify as literary art?

Now, Be a Good Listener
Is it super hot? Breakable? Irreplaceable? Yeah, your kid is guaranteed to touch it.

Funny Parenting Memes: The Feel-Good Edition

Hide the Wrappers
This parenting meme of a gluttonous feline who gorged herself silly on snacks is straight up our spirit animal.

And I’m Free!
Picking up the dry cleaning? Hitting the grocery store? Getting your flu shot? All by yourself? Sounds like a party!

Baby, We Feel You
Moms and babies have a lot in common.

Your Turn, Dad
Oh, honey. You know that doesn’t work—but guess what? NOT MY PROBLEM.

Funny Parenting Memes: “The Kids Said What?” Edition

Blind Spot
These kids have gotta be messing with us. Right?

Don’t You Dare
Think you can cuddle another child with your little one looking on? Think again.

The Addiction is Real
This parenting meme cuts right to the truth. (Hangs head in shame while handing over the iPad.)

Gotta Go?
Nah, I’m good. I won’t need to use the bathroom ’til we’re in the car stuck in traffic, silly.

Guessing Game
As soon as kids stop asking “why?” every minute, they start saying “guess what!” and you’ll start to miss the good old days.

Funny Parenting Memes: The “I’m Over It” Edition

Second-Time Parenting
It’s funny because it’s true. So very true.

Of Course I’m Keeping Your Art!
When funny parenting memes come up with brilliant cleaning hacks.

Parent-Proof Gates
Next time, just do a running jump. Or stay put and take a nap. Your choice.

Those Were the Days
This parenting meme is the ultimate #TBT to a time when all was peaceful and your living room didn’t look like a tornado hit it.

I’ll Try and Remember That
Will we really miss having an audience while taking a pee? Or the whole feeling-exhausted-all-the-time thing? Not totally buying it, but if you insist….

Family Fun Night
A parenting meme that sums up our Friday nights.

Published October 2017

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