Getting Pregnant Checklist

With doctors, finances and everything else, there's so much to think about! Here's what you need to do when TTC to prepare for pregnancy and a baby.
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Mar 2020
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Getting pregnant
[ ] Kick the pill (or any type of birth control)
[ ] Read up on conception and ovulation basics
[ ] Figure out when you’re ovulating
[ ] Consider charting cervical mucus texture
[ ] Learn to record basal body temperature
[ ] Think about an ovulation predictor kit
[ ] Potential dads — stay out of Jacuzzis and trade in briefs for boxers
[ ] Lose the lube (unless it’s clearly marked fertility-friendly)
[ ] Find the right position
[ ] Spice it up in the bedroom
[ ] Have sex!

Diet & fitness
[ ] Work on getting any weight problems under control
[ ] If either of you smoke, quit
[ ] Take prenatal vitamins
[ ] Balance out your diet
[ ] Start exercising — or scale back on extreme exercise
[ ] Start weaning yourself off alcohol
[ ] Begin limiting the lattes
[ ] Decrease your stress
[ ] Get plenty of sleep
[ ] Potential dads — avoid cottonseed oils

Doctors, tests & checkups
[ ] Interview ob-gyns
[ ] Schedule a preconception checkup
[ ] Make a list of preconception checkup questions
[ ] Discuss your (and your partner’s) medical history with the doc
[ ] Talk to your doc about genetic testing
[ ] Get immunized
[ ] Visit the dentist

Money & home
[ ] Talk it out — make sure you and your partner are on the same baby-making page
[ ] Check your home for harsh chemicals and asbestos
[ ] Evaluate your health insurance
[ ] If you’re self-employed, apply for private disability
[ ] Plan a baby budget

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