Got 10 Minutes? 10 Great Ways to Spend 'Me' Time

You spend about 1,430 minutes a day changing baby, feeding baby, washing baby (and baby clothes) and thinking about baby. Surely, you can carve out 10 minutes for Y-O-U. So what are you going to do with your “me” time? Here are 10 ideas.
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Updated January 30, 2017


Okay, this may sound loopy and unrealistic, but just try it. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Try to find a quiet place and do some deep breathing. Hey, if the meditation turns into a nap, go with it!

Work out

Why not squeeze in some exercise? Yes, you can totally get in a great  workout in 10 minutes. It’ll help you get closer to your prebaby shape and keep you energized.

Pick up the phone or video chat

10 minutes is not a long time to catch up with your friends, but look at it this way: It’s two minutes longer than a speed date.  Call your best friend and use this time to gossip, vent and tell stories.

Get a massage

Enlist your partner to give you a much-needed massage. Those knots and that tension from stressing about baby will go away (not forever, sadly, but at least for a little while!).

Give yourself a treat

Have a real meal. Take this time to whip up a quick snack or meal and eat in peace. An omelet or a sandwich (maybe even a panini!) is a fast, healthy and delicious option. Or throw together a fruit smoothie if baby’s far enough away that the blender won’t wake him.


Writing in a diary or journal is therapeutic. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, it’s nice to get your feelings in check by writing about them. Or if you want to make sure that new-mom memories are recorded so you can look back on them years later, now’s the time do it.

Pamper yourself

You won’t be able to get a luxurious spa treatment in 10 minutes, but indulging in a face mask or eye mask is the next best thing. There are some you can make at home that only need to be applied for 10 minutes. Try out a mixture of oatmeal, yogurt and honey — leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off. It’ll rejuvenate and cleanse your face.

Turn on your iPod

You can listen to a couple of your favorite songs in 10 minutes. Listening to music that makes you happy will put you in a good mood and give you a burst of energy. Make a 10-minute playlist to help pump you up when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Okay, so you might not be able to hit the mall, but you can always shop online! Get that new pair of heels that you’ve been lusting after with just a click of a button. You can wear them for your next  date night with your partner.


Unless you’re a super speed reader, you’re not going to be able to get through a chapter in a gritty novel, but why not flip through a trashy magazine (the best guilty pleasure!)? It’ll be a nice escape.

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