16 Scary-Delicious Halloween Treats

Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory or just plain scary, you’ll find some of the best Halloween treat ideas for kids here.
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Updated September 6, 2017
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Halloween party invites? Sorted. Games? Check. Decorations? Done. You’re well on your way to a devilishly delightful Halloween party. But there’s one thing you definitely can’t forget: the tasty Halloween treats! We’ve rounded up the most delicious (and sometimes actually nutritious!) Halloween food ideas, from spooky Halloween recipes to cute Halloween treats—and if you’re prepping for a kids’ classroom party, there are even some fun Halloween treat ideas for school.

Easy Halloween Treats

If you’re busy crafting costumes and decorations, the best bet when it comes to making the party food is to focus on easy Halloween recipes. And luckily, these five tasty recipes don’t even involve turning on an oven—which means the kids can help you prep and put together these easy Halloween treats.

Witches’ Hats
Cute, colorful and decidedly kid-friendly, these Halloween witch hat cookies by Chelsea’s Messy Apron are a cinch to pull together and make a fun, tasty after-school craft for kids.

What you’ll need: Oreo Cookie Thins (get the all-chocolate kind if you can), cream cheese frosting (ready-made is perfect), chocolate candy kisses, food coloring and Halloween sprinkles.

How to make it: You’ll have a mad hatter of a time with these easy-to-make witchy treats. Just use frosting to “glue” kisses to an Oreo base, then let the kids decorate with sprinkles.

Halloween Pretzel Rods
Salty and sweet, these easy Halloween treats by Catch My Party are the perfect party snack for kids and adults alike.

What you’ll need: Large pretzel rods, candy melts in orange, purple, black and white, and lots of different kinds of Halloween-inspired sprinkles.

How to make it: If you can manage a microwave, you can definitely handle these easy pretzel dippers. Just melt the candy and dip the rods right into it. Decorate with bold, bright Halloween-colored sprinkles.

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Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Pumpkins
These Halloween-ready renditions of classic Rice Krispies treats by One Little Project don’t take much effort at all, but they’d definitely look adorable as part of your Halloween party food spread. (That is, if these Halloween Rice Krispies treats last that long!)

What you’ll need: Rice Krispies cereal, butter, marshmallows, orange food coloring, Mini Rolos and green M&Ms.

How to Make It: Follow the basics when it comes to making Rice Krispies treats, but add a few drops of orange food coloring for that warm pumpkin vibe. Top each pumpkin treat with a Rolo and a green M&M to complete.

Mini Chocolate Bat Bites
You’ll just go batty for these easy Halloween treats for kids, dreamed up by Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

What you’ll need: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Or Rolos, if peanuts are a no-no), Oreo Cookie Thins, cream cheese frosting and edible eyes.

How to make it: Get the kids involved on this one! Have them scoop the cream out of the Oreos, then get a-glue-ing with dollops of frosting to make bats out cookies and peanut butter cups.

White Chocolate Pretzel Pumpkins
These super-easy Halloween treats by I Heart Naptime are so yummy, you better make extra. Luckily, they take just minutes to make, so you can whip up another batch if you’ve gobbled them all up before the kids could grab a bite. Better yet, let the kids help so you can share.

What you’ll need: Bite-sized pretzels, white chocolate, chocolate chips, orange and green food coloring and orange sugar sprinkles.

How to make it: Add a few drops of orange food coloring to melted white chocolate, then dip your pretzels! A chocolate chip “stem” turns each into a pumpkin.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween treats for kids? Sounds about as unreal as those ghosts and goblins roaming about. But they do exist. And luckily, some of these delicious, nutritious Halloween treat ideas are a breeze to make too. Here are five that feel like real indulgences without giving you Halloween party angst—or your trick-or-treaters cavities!

Tangerine Pumpkins
These simple, sweet and healthy Halloween treats by Brendid could not be easier to make.

What You’ll Need: Tangerines (since they’re small and easy to peel) and celery, complete with leafy ends.

How to make it: Just peel the tangerines, leaving them whole to look like pumpkins, and stick a small piece of celery stalk (with greens at the top) in the center as a stem. Voila!

Candy Corn Fruit Cups
Scrumptious and a cinch to assemble, these candy corn fruit cups by Nellie Bellie will help kids get not one but two of their five servings of fruits and veggies.

What you’ll need: Fresh (or canned) pineapple chunks, mandarin orange chunks and whipped cream (or yogurt, if you insist), candy corn plus mason jars to hold them.

How to make it: These healthy Halloween treats are as easy as one, two, three—literally. Just layer the fruit and top with the white stuff and one tiny candy corn. YUM.

Banana Ghost Pops
These adorable Banana Ghost Pops by Super Healthy Kids are the healthy Halloween treats to beat—they’re yummy, good for your tummy and almost too cute to eat.

What you’ll need: Bananas, coconut flakes, yogurt (plain or vanilla), chocolate chips (or raisins) and popsicle sticks or toothpicks.

How to make it: These easy, healthy Halloween treats for kids are all about going bananas! Roll half bananas in yogurt, then coconut. Decorate with chocolate chip eyes to up the creep (and cute!) factor.

Cute Halloween Treats

If you’re planning a Pinterest-worthy Halloween party (check out our game ideas here), then you’ll need to have some cute Halloween treats up your sleeve. These Halloween recipes are as adorable as can be and won’t take hours to make.

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters
These easy Halloween Rice Krispies treat monsters by One Little Project are almost too cute to eat. (Almost.)

What you’ll need: Rice Krispies cereal, butter, vanilla extract, marshmallows, different colored candy melts, candy eyes and vegetable oil.

How to make it: Once you’ve got your Rice Krispies treats ready, have a bootastic blast dipping the tasty squares in melted chocolate. Add edible candy eyes in different shapes, sizes and styles to bring your monsters to life.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies
What’s better than chocolate chip cookies from scratch? These ones from Tastes Better From Scratch, which have creepy, crawly spiders climbing all over them. Delish.

What you’ll need: Flour, brown sugar, eggs, butter, salt, granulated sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate chips.

How to make it: Follow the fab recipe for cookies from scratch, or use your favorite ready-to-bake brand. When they’re about halfway done, add chips to make the spiders, then while they’re still hot, drizzle on the melted chocolate legs. Let the chocolate spider legs dry, then serve to greedy ghosts and goblins.

Dracula’s Dentures
Sink your teeth into these Halloween treats for kids by The Girl Who Ate Everything. They’re ghastly and tasty, plus super-easy to make!

What you’ll need: Chocolate chip cookies (or dough, if you plan to bake fresh), vanilla frosting that’s tinted red with food coloring, mini marshmallows and slivered almonds.

How to make it: Prepare the cookies per instructions and let cool. Slather with red-tinted icing, then set the teeth and fangs securely in place. Go ahead and take a bite!

Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups
With everything these Halloween Pumpkin Patch dirt cups by Arts & Crackers have going on, they can look a bit intimidating. But these tasty Halloween treats are so straightforward, you can even let the kids decorate them as a fun Halloween party activity.

What you need: Chocolate pudding, chocolate cake crumbles, clear plastic cups, pumpkin candies, gummy worms, sprinkles and other decorations.

How to make it: Fill each cup with chocolate pudding, then top with cake crumbles, pumpkin candies, gummy worms and other treats as desired.

Halloween Treats for School

If your idea of Halloween party fun is a school shindig, then you’ve got to make sure your Halloween treats are delicious, (relatively) healthy, packable and portable. Here are some Halloween treat ideas for ghoulishy good snack bags that are ready, set, go for that Halloween school party.

A few things to keep in mind when you’re preparing Halloween treats for school:

Know the rules. Ask your teacher or principal for any school guidelines when it comes to bringing in any Halloween treats.

Easy does it. Remember, these are Halloween food ideas for kids, not an Instagramming adult crowd. Simple, straightforward and yummy trumps over-the-top any day.

Pack it up. Making individual Halloween treat bags is smart—each kid gets her own so there’s no fighting. Just make sure you get a headcount pre-party.

Don’t go nuts. Allergies can be a major concern for some kids, so skip the nuts when it comes to Halloween treats for school parties.

Mix things up. If you’re going with the Halloween treat bags, mix edible treats with some fun additions, like Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, stickers or other fun non-food items.

Popcorn Witch Hands
These Halloween treat bags by Frugal Momeh are simple to do and relatively healthy too—what more can you ask for when it comes to Halloween treats for school?

What you’ll need: Clear plastic gloves (latex and powder-free), popcorn, food-grade color mist in green, Hot Tamales candies and black ribbons.

How to make it: Spray the popcorn with the color mist to make it a witchy green, then let dry. Drop a Hot Tamales candy into each finger of the bag to create “fingernails,” then fill the rest with green popcorn and tie with a ribbon to close.

DIY Lollipop Ghosts and Spiders
Dress up boring old lollipops in these fa-boo-lous Halloween costumes, from ghastly ghosts to creepy-crawly spiders. These easy-breezy Halloween treats by A Thrifty Mom make a perfect classroom kid craft too.

What you’ll need: Lollipops, white cloth cut into 5x6-inch squares, stick-on googly eyes, black pipe cleaners, black and orange ribbon and a hot glue gun.

How to make it: Wrap pops in fabric and add eyes, or use pipe cleaners to create creepy crawlies that will leave your littlest trick-or-treaters squirming.

Halloween Harvest Hash Chex Party Mix
Put this monster-y munch by One Little Project on the list of Halloween food ideas that both kids and grown-ups will devour. Crunchy, salty and sweet—what’s not to love?

What you’ll need: Chex cereal, Bugles, mini pretzels, candy corn and Reese’s Pieces, plus brown sugar, butter and vanilla extract for the sauce.

How to make it: There’s nothing like the crunch factor this Halloween party mix brings. To make these Halloween treats, just toss the dry ingredients with the wet, bake, add the candy and you’re ready to eat.

Ghostly White Chocolate Bark
The best thing about this super-cute white chocolate bark by Catch My Party? It makes for a great to-go Halloween party food, whether you’re assembling kid party favors or sharing it with the adult teachers. Dole the bark out in small bags for portable, school-ready Halloween treats.

What you’ll need: Four cups of white chocolate chips, a cookie sheet, wax paper, plus white chocolate Kit Kat bars (or other white chocolate candy), candy eyeballs, candy corn and sprinkles for decorating.

How to make it: The best part of this white chocolate bark? Once the chocolate has melted, you can let the kids go at it, dropping in sprinkles, Kit Kats, candy and more. Then hack it to bits and bag it up to for easy sharing.

Yummy Mummies Apple Sauce These easy and adorable Mummies by See Vanessa Craft will be a hit at your school’s Halloween shindig this year.

What you’ll need: Apple sauce pouches, white crepe paper and googly eyes.

How to make it: Wrap each pouch of applesauce in crepe paper, then add the eyes to make your mummies. To up the easiness factor, use stick on googly eyes.

Published August 2017

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