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Best On-the-Go Snacks For Toddlers

Between running out the door to get from daycare to tumbling class on time, you won’t always be able to stop, plan and eat a full meal. That’s why we love these healthy and nutrient-rich portable snacks — they’ll give your tot the energy she needs when you’re short on time.

Sprout Organic Foods Raspberry Fruity Yogurt Bites

Made without preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring, these yummy yogurt bites mean you don’t have to worry about your growing girl snacking on treats that aren’t good for her body — or her mind. With five handy-dandy packs to a box, these super-portable sweet treats are easy to stash in your tote.

Bumpies say: “When my daughter started on solids, we tried these yogurt bites and she loved them! Now, she’s two and I was worried that she’d want to snack on chips or something unhealthy, but she surprisingly prefers the real mango slices,” says Maya B.*

“I always bring Sprouts with us when we’re going for a walk outside in the stroller or for long car rides. They’re soft enough for my son to chew without me watching and he loves knowing these baggies are ‘just for him,’” Kristin C. says.


Gerber Graduates Dippers

Okay, we might be a little biased here (we love anything you can dip!), but toddlers will get a kick out of double- and triple-dipping these Gerber Graduates Dippers Biscuits whole grain treats.

Bumpies say: “I love dipping snacks — and I love that these are whole grain and preservative-free. I feel much better buying these that those artificial cracker-and-cheese dips,” says Sara H.


Plum Organics Tots Fiddlesticks

These Fiddlesticks are a great gluten-free alternative and they’re soft baked for easy chewing and swallowing.

Bumpies say: “I don’t like giving my toddler cracker sticks or pretzel sticks because they can be so dry on the inside, so we tried these instead — and we love them,” Addie B. says.

Melanie R. says, “The apple and carrot are so good — I sneak a few bites whenever my daughter’s eating them. Don’t tell her!”


Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers

Most grown-up snack bars are too much too soon for little kids. These Nibbly Fingers are bite-size organic finger bars with no refined sugar added — just for toddlers! And they come in yummy, palate-pleasing flavors like Cranberry-Acai and Banana-Raisin.

Bumpies say: “My toddler isn’t old enough to eat an adult granola bar, so we tried these instead,” Heather H. says.

Elaine B. added, “We took these with us on our first trip to Disney World with our toddler. Instead of loading her up with candy bars and fried foods every time she was hungry, we gave her a Nibbly Fingers to snack on instead. She loved them — and they were way cheaper for us!”


Annie’s Summer Strawberry Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Okay, let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love fruit snacks? These Bunny Fruit Snacks are certified organic, so you can feel good about giving your toddler this tried and true — and totally delicious — crowd-favorite!" Bunny Fruit Snacks are certified organic, so you can feel good about giving your toddler this tried and true — and totally delicious — crowd-favorite!

Bumpies say: “Aside from the fact that everyone loves fruit snacks, I don’t mind letting my son binge-eat these because they’re not full of high-fructose corn syrup,” says Amanda G.

“I felt guilty telling my daughter she couldn’t have fruit snacks — especially when all the kids she goes to daycare with eat them regularly. A friend told me about these and I really haven’t looked back since! My husband loves them too,” adds Rachael T.


Mini Babybel Light Cheeses

These mini wrapped cheeses are delicious and so easy to break apart. You can eat these Babybels with crackers, grapes or veggies for an energy-rich treat — and they’re great to keep at grandma’s house for kid-friendly snacks.

Bumpies say: “My daughter loves that these little cheeses are mini, just like her,” says Jana B.

“I started out buying these for my husband and then we tried them with our son. Each mini has six grams of protein and 20 percent of his daily calcium intake. He also loves eating snacks that his daddy can have too,” Beth W. says.


Happy Munchies Baked Broccoli, Kale and Cheddar Cheese Snacks

Your tot will never know these baked puffs are actually good for him (score!).

Bumpies say: “We keep these in the car so that my son can help himself whenever he’s hungry. I love them because they don’t go bad,” says Anne-Marie F.

Tina L. says, “We love these in our house. My 15-month-old daughter eats them right up. I like to try whatever she is eating to see what kind of taste it has and I know that sounds weird but foods that are boring and bland that I don't like she typically does not either. These are great and taste pretty much like a cheese puff.”


Stonyfield Organic YoKids Squeezers

They can get a little messy, but these Squeezers are super-fun to eat!

Bumpies say: “We freeze these and my son loves it. They’re firmer, so he has to chew, but they still melt in your mouth,” Andrea D. says.

“My daughter loves blueberry and lemonade flavor — so we stock up on it year round,” says Jacqueline B.

“Yogurt is always our go-to snack. We freeze them before long trips and keep them on ice in the car. They’re filling and good for you,” Tracey S. adds.


Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

We’re glad these Cheddar Bunnies come in a family-size box — because trust us, you’re all going to love them!

Bumpies say: “This is a great tasting natural product. My son (17 months) loves these bunnies. They taste great and I love snacking on them too,” says Laura J.

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