7 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Totally Sum Up Your Life

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ByNicole Gallucci
Mar 2017
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You know how they say you can’t fully understand something until you experience it firsthand? Well, the person who first came up with that logic must have been a parent because one thing’s for sure—your idea of parenthood undoubtedly changes once you actually become one.

Cartoonist and dad of two Brian Gordon took that idea and started drawing it. Inspired by his own experiences, Gordon set out to illustrate an autobiographical glimpse at what parenthood is really like. The result? A hilarious and relatable series called  Fowl Language Comics.

Here, a few of his greatest (and our favorite) hits that focus on those not-so-glamorous aspects of parenting.

At least you’ll always be on time because you can’t hit the snooze button.

Parenthood, a synonym for “My kid makes up the rules to every game and instruction booklets and logical reasoning have become obsolete.”

Aww don’t worry, you’ll see baby smile so many other times in life…like when you buy him snacks, and drive him everywhere, and financially support him. True love.

Every thought, feeling, and action becomes the ultimate contradiction… “I’m not tired, I swear.” * Falls asleep immediately *

You didn’t go to sleep until 9:02pm?! You rebel, you.

You know what they say, third time’s the charm.

The cold never bothered me anyway…but that song sure does.

It’s no doubt that parenthood can be challenging at times, but for every dirty diaper, nighttime feeding, and ear-piercing cry, parents (including Gordon) know there will be smiles, first words, and priceless moments that make being parenthood worth it.

Want more laughs? Of course you do! Check out Gordon’s Fowl Language Comics archive here.

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