Q&A: Holiday Spending With a Newborn?

With the economy like it is today, how can I feel good about spending money on gifts, especially with a new baby?
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ByBrett Graff
Mar 2017
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Some experts estimate that unemployment rates are climbing. In other words, more people will lose their job. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to have some serious savings in place. If you want to feel good about spending, consider investments in yourself and your job, such as “Look, honey, I signed you up for a class in that computer program your company is now using!” Or, “Wow, a book about investing!” Babies are great to take shopping because they’re like human alarm clocks: “Time’s up, Mom!” They’re also excellent reminders of what’s truly important: health, happiness, and clean diapers. And if that’s not enough, let each cry serve as a warning bell: “You need about $150,000 to send me to college.” (Cute, huh?) You — and likely most of your friends and family — are snuggling up in a heated home, so remember, you can’t ask for anything more.

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