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How Can I Prevent a Medical Emergency With My Toddler?

My toddler is all over the place, and it’s worrying me that he’ll get into something toxic, burn himself, or take a serious fall. Are there any ways to prevent medical emergencies with toddlers?

The two most important things you can do to prevent medical emergencies with toddlers are to watch them carefully at all times and to child-proof your home: covering outlets, locking cabinets (especially ones containing cleaning products), securing furniture, padding sharp edges on tables and so on.

Toddlers are curious, and unless you tell them, they don’t understand that touching the stovetop can lead to burns — or that turning the “fun” knobs on the oven makes it hot. Be especially on your toes when your toddler is around water; even the toilet bowl is a safety hazard to little ones. And, to prepare for a worst-case scenario, find out if any local organizations offer CPR classes you could take.

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