How to Entertain Twin Toddlers?

How can I keep both my twins entertained when we’re stuck waiting in line or in the car?
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ByPreeti Parikh, MD
Mar 2017
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One of the coolest things about having twins is that each sibling has a built-in playmate. Entertaining them both together can sometimes be easier than trying to keep them from getting antsy on their own.

Play games. Sing songs together (who cares if you look silly in the supermarket line?), or strike up a game of “I spy,” giving them clues to things you see around you and letting them guess. Use your imagination to tell a story that will keep them enthralled.

Bring supplies. Always bring along a diaper bag or  small backpack filled with supplies in case of long lines or traffic. Books, stickers and coloring books are big hits for toddlers. Carry two of everything!

Embrace individual activities. While it’s nice if you can all play together, it’s also perfectly fine if one twin prefers to read while the other would rather draw — or chat with you. Just go with it.

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