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How to Keep Baby (and You!) Cold- and Flu-Free

Whether you're pregnant or have a little one crawling around the house, beating colds and the flu is a whole new ball game. But don’t worry, mama — you and baby will both be on your way to a healthy recovery soon enough. From determining which meds are actually safe to knowing when it’s really time to call the doc, our experts dish on everything you and baby need to start feeling better faster.



   Q:   Are Viruses Like Cold or Flu a Danger to My Unborn Baby?    

   Q:   What Kinds of Natural Remedies Can I Use to Cure the Cold or Flu While Pregnant?

   ** Q:  How Can I Avoid Getting the Flu or a Cold When Pregnant?      **

   Q:   Is it Safe to Get a Flu Shot While Pregnant?

    Q:   What Over-the-Counter Medications Are Safe to Take When Pregnant?   



   Q:   How Can I Help Baby Ward Off Colds?                                          

   Q:  What Are Some Ways I Can Spot Flu Symptoms in My Baby? 

   Q:  How Can I Tell if Baby Has Pneumonia — and How Can I Treat It?                        

   Q:  When Should I Give Baby Acetaminophen — and How Much Is Safe?                       

   Q:  When Should I Give Baby Ibuprofen — and How Much Is Safe?

   Q:  What Is Croup — and How Can I Tell if My Baby Has It?

   Q:   If My Baby Has a Cold, What Can I Do to Avoid Getting Sick Too?

   Q:   I Read About Infant Cold Medications in the News...What's Going On?

   Q:   What Are Some Good Alternatives to Cold Medicine for Baby?

   Q: Are There Any Tricks to Giving Baby Medicine?

   Q: Should Baby Get a Flu Shot?

   Q: What Are the Symptoms of Strep Throat?

   Q: Does Baby Have an Ear Infection?


Plus, keep baby's medicine cabinet up-to-date with our checklist. >> 

PHOTO: Getty Images