Q&A: Am I Making Enough Milk?

I don't feel like I'm making enough milk for my twins. How can I know?
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We don’t have ounce markers on our breasts, but you know each exclusively breastfed baby is getting enough milk if, in every 24-hour period, each baby:

•wakes (on her own) and cues to breastfeed at least eight (and up to 12 to14) times

•wets at least six diapers

•passes at least four loose, yellow, seedy stools (about the size of a quarter) until older than two months

•gains an average of 2/3 ounce (20 g) for at least the first three months

Breastfeeding and making enough milk is about meeting the needs of each baby as an individual rather than as part of a set (of twins). We mothers of multiples have a conflict. We know each baby is a unique individual yet we also want to treat our babies equally. If their needs differ, it may cause a problem for one or more of the babies and possibly for milk production.

Although it can be confusing, you may have one twin who grows well and is content with eight daily breastfeedings while his sister needs to breastfeed 10 to 12 times in order to be happy and grow appropriately. Also, breastfeeding is about more than the milk. A baby may also give cues to breastfeed because he needs the security of mother’s arms — and some babies need more mommy time than others.

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