12 Fun Things to Do With Babies Indoors

Whether it’s the rain, snow or heat keeping you inside, try out these fun baby activities while you’re cooped up indoors.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Updated January 11, 2015
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It’s easy to get a little stir crazy when you and baby are stuck inside all day. Fear not—there are plenty of fun baby activities to keep your little one busy. The best part? Many of these interactive indoor activities for babies require a low lift from parents. From sensory activities for infants to fun crafts projects, these are our favorite ways to keep tots busy.

Sensory Bags

This idea from Jen at Mama. Papa. Bubba. is one of our favorite sensory activities for infants. All you need is a plastic bag, some water, tape and a sensory item of your choosing.

The sensory bag lets baby discover things that are normally off-limits (think: hair gel, toothpaste, body lotion, etc.). Your curious infant will love squishing the different textures. Plus, by fastening the bag to a wall, it’ll encourage baby to practice reaching and balancing all on their own.

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Fabric Fun

Want to keep baby engaged for good long while? Just grab an old wipe container and fill it with washclothes, bibs and other scraps of fabric. Not only will babies have a blast opening and closing the lid and pulling bits of fabric out, but they’ll also strength their tactile and fine motor skills as they discover different materials and their textures. This DIY toy idea comes from Jamie from Hands on as We Grow and is one of the most fun things to do with babies when you’re bunkered down inside.

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Rainbow Ribbons

Simple baby activities are the best way to keep your little one engaged. Casey from Little Lifelong Learners has an easy, interactive way to keep baby occupied indoors. Grab a bunch of ribbons from your craft closet, cut them into strips and then hang them from baby’s play gym, a drying rack or anything you may have lying around the house. Your kid will build upper body strength and motor skills as they try to latch onto the ribbons.

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Sensory Fort

DIY forts are a staple for all families—especially when it’s an indoors kind of day. This idea from Messy Little Monster is one of the more unique baby activities we’ve seen, and gets your tot in touch with the world around them. You can use a teepee, tent or even grab a few blankets and sheets to create a world of discovery right in your living room. For best results, fill your fort with all kinds of baby-safe toys and household items with unique textures and patterns.

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Blow the Lid Off

Pro tip: Before you toss that finished bottle of OJ into the recycling bin, save the lid. Dayna Abraham, founder of Lemon Lime Adventures has a pretty genius way for you to use it for your next day filled with at-home baby activities. Large lids (not small lids, since they can be choking hazards for baby) can be used in a bunch of different ways to encourage play.

The big chunky pieces are perfect for small hands, and you can have baby stack, pile or hand them to you. You can even put a secret item in each of the slots on a baking tray, cover them with the lids and then have baby pick the lids up and discover what’s beneath it.

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Gelatin Dig

It’s ooey, gooey and so much fun for baby! Kristie over at Life As Mama Bear shares a bunch of sensory activities for infants, including a fun gelatin dig. Grab your little one’s blocks or other plastic toys, and then pour the gelatin mix over it and let it set. Once it’s ready, let baby explore the bouncy substance while they dig out their toys from within.

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Baby Collage

Another fun idea from Laughing Kids Learn uses the help of a few household items to encourage baby to crack into their creativity. Tape a piece of clear construction paper to a window and let your teeny tot use it as a blank canvas to craft funky designs. Cut up scraps of tissue paper and show baby how they easily stay on the sticky surface. Your little one will follow your lead and keep busy all day.

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Felt Fun

Make an easy, sew-free felt book for baby to flip through all day long. Hot glue the “pages” of felt together, and then create an entire book by gluing other fabrics and crafting items inside to awaken baby’s sensory skills with every page. Powerful Mothering is the brains behind this one—it’s among our favorite sensory activities for infants. She even shares ideas for some great ways to fill your felt book.

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Sticky Situations

Once babies are past the six-month mark, they’ll want to grab and toss everything they set their sights on. One of the baby activities recommended by the The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide provides your little one with a toy ball you won’t mind them playing with.

Using a plastic ball—the balls from blow-up ball pits work perfectly—grab some masking tape and wrap it up to create layers of sticky sensations for baby to grasp. The tape will stick to little hands, and youngsters will marvel at the makeup and material of the ball.

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Spidey Senses

Every parent wants their kid to be problem-solver when they grow up. Luckily, you can get them into this mindset by incorporating baby activities like the one featured on The Train Driver’s Wife. Grab a laundry basket and toss all those toys lying around your living room into it. Then weave yarn in, out, up and down, and now baby will have to find a way around the spider web-like maze in order to get his toys back.

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Fire and Ice

When it comes to baby activities, simplicity is key. Introduce baby to the concepts of hot and cold using an idea from Jen at Mama. Papa. Bubba.. All it takes is two plastic bottles—one filled with ice and another with warm water. Place baby on the floor, hand over the bottles and let them marvel at how two of the same objects can feel drastically different. According to Jen, it kept her baby busy, quiet and, most importantly, intrigued for nearly half an hour.

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Shine Bright

Every day baby is discovering something new, which is why it doesn’t take much to tap into their curiosity. All it takes is for your phone to light up with a notification and it immediately has your little one’s attention. Dayna Abraham, founder of Lemon Lime AdventuresLemon Lime Adventures has a way for you to keep your cell to yourself while still stimulating baby’s brain. Find a small set of string lights and stuff them into a plastic jar. Hit the switch and watch as the container and your infant’s face light up. Your kid will be enthralled by the bright lights, and you can periodically switch it on and off to keep them on their toes.

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Updated November 2018

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