Spot-On Video Captures Fatherhood in 2 Minutes

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March 2, 2017
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The time you once spent shaving has been replaced with prepping a bottle. You now shop for clothes that are sized by month. And your eating habits? They’re always secondary to baby’s.

This is fatherhood. And an exhausted — but appreciative —  Patrick Corr summed up the highs and lows in a two-minute video.

The Cork, Ireland dad is a filmmaker who prides himself on storytelling. And the star of this particular story is baby Benji.

“Your car is now a statement of your parental status…Your iPhone is now his chew toy,” Corr laments. “Face it; your life as you know it is over.”

But rather than ending with the notion that becoming a dad is a total downer, a revelation:

“This is why it’s worth it: Piggyback rides in the garden. Helping him take his first steps. And watching him grow up. Every. Single. Day.”

Aw. And that could’ve been that. However, Corr then leaves us with a surprise twist:

“Patrick? I’m pregnant,” his partner says. Baby no. 2 is due in Dec. 2015. Get ready to do it all over again.

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