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“I’m Sorry, but I Judge You When Your House Has…”

It’s hard to keep your home pristine when you have a baby. Don’t worry, you get a free pass because you’re a new mom. But are your friends judging your mess? Bumpies dish on what they think. Share your cleaning pet peeves in the comments!

“I judge when someone has a dirty toilet, but I hate cleaning toilets, too!” — AZ_Erica

“General clutter is okay but I hate when people have a full sink, overflowing garbage and clothes everywhere.” — MommyofAlissa

“I have a weird pet peeve – dirty pet food and water bowls bug me.” — DandelionM

“I hate disgusting pet smells. I know some animals and breeds give off stronger odors, but I’m talking about houses that smell like people have 10 pets and they haven’t bathed or cleaned them up in six months. It makes me gag!” — Turkey+Lurkey

“My son had a playdate on Saturday and their house smelled like cigarette smoke. That’s not really a mess but I judged. I’m guilty of dishes in the sink, clothes all over the place and general messiness, though!” — GinandTonic

“If your bathroom is clean, I don’t care about a dish or two in the sink or a bit of dust here and there.” — DandRAgain

“I judge a dirty entrance way. Your entrance to you home is the first impression, so make it a good one!” — Leila

“I judge a lot less now that I have kids of my own. But I’m really picky about sitting on furniture with pet hair, though. I’m just not a pet person.” — J&A2008

“I hate gunky, gooey windows. I know little kids’ smudges and drool are bound to happen but when they’re not cleaned for months it grosses me out.” — cynbride2be

“I was at a friend’s house recently and opened her microwave to see months and months of food caked in there. Yikes!” — Yodajo

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