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Kicked Out of Day Care?

What should I do if my baby gets kicked out of day care?

If you’ve come to count on day care as an essential part of your back-to-work routine, it can be stressful to think you might suddenly lose this safety net. You can take heart in knowing that having your baby summarily dismissed from the daycare center is a relatively unlikely occurrence. Sometimes older children may be asked to leave because of repeated negative behaviors, such as biting or hitting, or because of a concern for a child’s safety, such as allergies that are so severe the staff feels they can’t adequately care for him.

The best place to start is with open communication with your day care providers. If behavior is a problem, sit down and draw up a plan with the childcare center to help establish behavior modifications. For example, if biting is the issue, set goals together and outline some standard responses to provide consistency for the child. This will not only help your child get a more consistent message about his behavior, it also allows you and the childcare provider share the same goal: providing a healthy, safe environment for your child.

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