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10 Hilarious (and Scary!) Kid Messes

So, you want to have a baby, do you? These photos won’t make you rethink your plans for parenthood but they probably will make you reconsider buying that white couch.

“Look, mommy! We drew you!”

What’s worse than that rendering looking more like an alien than you is that it’s a brand-new couch.



At least it’s not blood?

But it is Chanel lipstick. Ouch.



And you wanted to make a sundae after they went to bed.

Sorry. The chocolate syrup is being used as a brand-new-carpet topping instead.



Flour power

Word to the wise: Invest in a good vacuum.



A new meaning to the term car detailing

There are personalized license plates. Why not personalized hoods?


Left their mark.

We really hope that’s brown paint, not poop (but we’re not betting on it).


Photo: xaxor.com

Let it snow?

This is not what you meant when you told them they could act out Frozen.


Photo: xaxor.com

What lies beneath

Our advice? Don’t look underneath the car seat. Just don’t.



Potty training troubles

Does this count as giving her a bath?



Baby Picasso’s blue period

Being a carpet-artist can be exhausting.

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