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Low-Maintenance Hair Styles for New Moms

Once baby is here, forget blow-drying your hair—a simple shower might feel like a luxury. These styles are super-chic but without the fuss.

Between the feedings and diaper changes and general insanity of new mommyhood, you really won’t have much time to spend on your 'do. Make things easier on yourself now by going for a new, low-maintenance style. Here are a few suggestion to set yourself up for a stylish mommy look. No matter what cut you choose, though, remember that the real key to hot hair is focusing on a great shape. This means getting cuts regularly, using angles that flatter your features and finding a stylist that really knows her stuff.

Long Layers
Long hair is actually great for new moms, because it can easily be swept into a ponytail (and out of baby’s reach). Layers keep a long 'do fresh and light, and make is easy to shift from “I’m just keeping this stuff out of my way” to a lively, put-together look. Also, thanks to hormonal changes, you might notice some extra hair loss in your first months as a mother. Layers can help add volume while your body sorts itself out.

The Bob
A clean, short crop is quick to dry and simple to style. For any ponytail addicts out there, this one may take some getting used to… but remember, bobs are fun to accessorize and generally easy to manage. Different angles work with differently shaped faces, so ask for a cut that accentuates your features. (Longer, angled bobs generally work better for rounder faces, while shorter bobs lift longer profiles.)

The Pixie
Even if you’ve always lived in fear of giving in to the short, conservative mom cut, don’t fret—you can definitely get a super-short, low-maintenance style without looking like Great Aunt Bessie. Funky, short hair is super-easy to style, and best of all, looks great messy!

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