Mommy and Me Classes

Time to get out of the house! Stay active, meet other parents and have some fun with these mommy (or daddy) and baby activities.
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Mar 2017
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Joining a playgroup is a fun way to get baby to experience new things — and for you to get out and make new-mom friends. Play sessions can be formal classes with music, movement, songs and learning at places such as The Little Gym, Gymboree, Kidville or My Gym. Or they can be a bunch of parents and babies picnicking at the park. (Meet moms near you on our local boards and plan your own meet-up!)


Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to some live music? While baby’s little, you can bounce and rock her to the beat. As she gets older, baby can use instruments and clap and dance around. She just might learn some stuff along the way too. Try Music Together for classes near you.


Not only is mom-and-baby yoga an awesome way to release some of the stress of new motherhood, but you can tone that postbaby bod — and bring baby along for some bonding. Check your favorite yoga studio for times and pricing.

Stroller fitness

You don’t need a gym to get a workout — and you don’t have to call a sitter either. Classes like those offered by Stroller Strides and Baby Boot Camp let you meet with other new moms and babies, and use your stroller as exercise equipment while baby takes a snooze (hopefully!).

Sign language

Baby will communicate before she can talk. Sure, it will be through crying and pointing, but if she learns some simple signs, it can be via a much less frustrating method.


We’re not saying you’re training the next Michael Phelps (but hey, you never know!). Exposing baby to the pool now gives her plenty of time to get acclimated to water, plus it’s a great chance to bond. Try your local YMCA for classes specially designed for babies.

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