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My Child Is Showing Signs of Insecurity. What Should I Do?

My toddler has been really clingy with me lately. Why is she so insecure all of a sudden?

Believe it or not, when toddlers show apprehension about the world around them, it’s actually a healthy sign. It means she’s aware of the dangers out there and wants to be cautious. This is a good thing. It means your toddler can determine the difference between the people she knows and strangers, and she’s wary of unfamiliar faces. It may also be a sign that she’s explored fearlessly and suffered the consequences (like touching a hot stove and burning herself).

Becoming more aware of surroundings — what’s safe and what isn’t safe — is all part of the learning process. But, in time, she’ll feel more confident and in control when it comes to new experiences.

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