Nesting: Is It a Dad’s Worst Nightmare?

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March 2, 2017
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While some may pleasantly call it “nesting”, nesting seems anything but pleasant at times. In fact, it can feel more like chaos. Warning, dads: Be prepared for some major changes.

What type of changes, you ask? Well, you know that sink faucet that has been dripping since you purchased your home? That dripping may soon become the LOUDEST sound in the world and must be fixed RIGHT THIS INSTANT because it might wake up baby. Everywhere you and your wife will look you’ll be thinking about how and what will to change and fix to make things easier when baby arrives.

As a husband and expectant daddy, I say, just go get the tools, and start oiling the hinges, tightening the screws, replacing light bulbs. Do whatever you can to help get the house in order. Additionally, it can help to sit down with your wife and make a list of all the things that need “fixing” in the next nine months — then, as soon as you have a list, get to work. Nine months will pass by like the blink of an eye.

The best you can do as a new daddy-to-be is to just go along for the ride. We recently welcomed our third baby, our daughter Tessa, into the world and we went through the nesting process all over again. (See, nesting never ends!) Of course it helped that I had already fixed the leaky faucet and the creaky garage door during the nesting period prior to our two son’s arrivals; however, there was still plenty to accomplish.

During my wife’s first pregnancy, she wanted to have the nursery painted during her nesting phase. We set it all up and shortly after the painters arrived we had to call-off the painting project as the smell was bothering my wife. This time around, we used special paint and booked a hotel for a couple of nights while the room was painted and the paint dried - it was a much smoother transition, and the nursery looks great, too.

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Along with the cleaning the house for baby, nesting also includes getting your finances in order, buying gear and necessities for the new baby, and going to unlimited baby and pregnancy classes. Like I said in the beginning, nesting is not always pleasant, but it’s an important stage for both expectant mommy and daddy.

Be patient and tackle projects as you’re able to.

Does your partner’s nesting drive you crazy? Do you like getting ready for baby?

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