NFL Babies

You’ve got to start them rooting for your favorite team while they’re young. Check out these babies all dressed for the big game.
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Updated January 30, 2017
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Image: Brittani G. / The Bump
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Image: Dani R. / The Bump

Keepin’ Warm

This cute Giants fan has football-themed leg warmers and Giants-branded socks to keep him warm during the big game! Submitted by Dani R.

Image: Nicole T. / The Bump

Rest and Relaxation

Baby’s just resting up to see the Patriots play in the Super Bowl! Submitted by Nicole T.

Image: Brittani G. / The Bump

Super Fan

We love little Owen’s commitment to the Steelers — he has a Steelers onesie and a personalized helmet! Submitted by Brittani G.

Image: Martha T. / The Bump

Tutu Lover

Look closely: It’s a Saints headband! Submitted by Martha T.

Image: Michelle S. / The Bump

Sad Face

We just want to tell this cute Bears fan, “Don’t worry — there’s always next season!” Submitted by Michelle S.

Image: Jennifer S. / The Bump

Chubby Cheeks

This adorable Pats fan wins our vote for best hoodie! _Submitted by Jennifer S. _

Image: Dominique C. / The Bump

Daddy’s Girl

This outfit is perfect for any girly girl who’s a football fan: a cute hair bow in Jets colors, a sweet T-shirt and a green-and-white tutu!_ Submitted by Dominique C._

Image: Melissa F. / The Bump

Mini Football

How this little Niners fan watches the game: propped up on a breastfeeding pillow with his mini football close by. Submitted by Melissa F.

Image: Kristin M. / The Bump

Stare Down

We love the baby blues on this black-and-gold fan! Submitted by Kristin M.

Image: Denise H. / The Bump

Eli’s Biggest Fan

This baby Giants fan looks a little scared of Eli Manning (well, the doll version!). Submitted by Denise H.

Image: Amber S. / The Bump

Falcons for Life

Fresh out of the womb and already a Falcons fan. Submitted by Amber S.

Image: Tory J. / The Bump

Pretty in Pink

Baby gets to cheer on the Pats and wear her favorite color. Submitted by Tory J.

Image: ksuggitt / The Bump

Lion King

This little guy and his Lions stuffed animal are cozy and ready for the game. Submitted by ksuggitt

Image: Katie K. / The Bump


Baby will probably be able to wear this jersey for years — it’s so big! Submitted by Katie K.

Image: Mary B. / The Bump

Like Father, Like Son

Look at these smiling faces — too adorable! Submitted by Mary B.

Image: Stephanie S. / The Bump

Pure Dedication

A Bears hat and socks are really all you need. Submitted by Stephanie S.

Image: Covertxxamour / The Bump


She’s not upset; this is just how she cheers for the Steelers! Submitted by covertxxamour

Image: Janine T. / The Bump

Onesie Time

Baby still has room to grow in his Lions onesie. Submitted by Janine T.

Image: Kate V. / The Bump

Beanie Lover

Check out this baby’s adorable football beanie. We want one! Submitted by Kate V.

Image: Karen C. / The Bump

Funny Tee

We’re suckers for hilarious T-shirts — this one’s a winner! Submitted by Karen C.

Image: Brittany K. / The Bump


Baby’s holding her arms out and cheering for the Broncos! Submitted by Brittany K.

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