Notes From a Stay-at-Home Dad Reveal What Really Goes on While Mom’s At Work

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Updated March 2, 2017
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Here’s something you’ll love: A stay-at-home dad tellin’ life at home like it really is. When Chris Illuminati quit his job to be a full-time SAH father for his baby boy, he decided to chronicle his journey into daddy-domesticity by leaving Post-It Notes around his home as a daily “journal” of the day-to-day endeavors of raising a child. The hilarious, off-the-cuff notes are reminders of what to do and what not to do…

His wife, who he so lovingly calls his Permanent Roommate (or PR for short), decided to take a camera to his collection of notes one day and what followed was Internet bliss. His notes will charm the socks off you, make you want to hug your baby, laugh your butt off and remember why you decided to be a parent.

Here are a few of our favorites (plus, a surprise at the end!):

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