Is It Okay for Twins to Have Different Nap Schedules?

What do I do when one of my twins still needs a second nap but the other has dropped it?
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By Preeti Parikh, MD, Pediatrician
Updated January 30, 2017
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Having both your kids nap at the same time was pretty awesome while it lasted, wasn’t it? As bummed as you probably are about having to manage two different daily schedules, remember that you have two unique individuals who have their own set of needs. One might still require that extra bit of sleep during the day while the other is perfectly able to power through the afternoon without it. So don’t push it: Let the one who still needs the sleep have her time, but allow the other one to spend some quiet time, either reading, coloring or doing something one-on-one with you. Just because she’s not sleeping, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a chance to recharge.

As for determining whether or not each kid needs that extra nap, take a cue from them. If either is cranky or has frequent midday meltdowns, there’s a good chance she still needs midday sleep.

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