Dads, Use the ‘Little’ Stuff to Teach Your Tots All About the ‘Big’ Stuff

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March 2, 2017
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Last night, the realization totally hit me: spending time with my kids reinforces and reminds me of my own important life values.

I got home from work last night and my sons were on the floor playing with their Legos and trying to build towers.  I jumped right down there with them on the floor and started discussing what they were doing and handing them Lego pieces.  My son, Lincoln, who is 3 years old, is quicker with his building, but my son, Carter,  age 2, is more thoughtful.

And then it happened — without any more consideration than just playing together, this dad and son moment became bigger than I ever imagined.

I am not sure how many of you watch Agent Ozo on Disney, but the gist of each story is that Agent Ozo must complete a task with his secret agents while at the same time being called out to a mission to help a child in need. While helping the child, he realizes how the helpful message he gives the child will also help him solve his challenge with the secret agents.

While sitting there with my boys I said, “Now remember, the taller and greater the tower, the more fragile it becomes; the base or foundation must be large enough to support the growth or else each time it will tumble.” I instantly thought of my work, my business, my family life and it made me realize that we often teach our children with the most simplest of tools and moments ; while building Legos, we are in fact teaching important concepts and values that will last a lifetime.

There are so many more messages that could apply to the Lego building last night:  “Never give up”, “Try, Try Again”, “Learn to Share”, “Compliment Others on Their Work”, “With Thought and Focus – You can always go ONE block higher”. The teachable moments were endless.

I woke up this morning, gave my wife a huge good morning kiss, made pancakes for my boys, and went to work fired up and ready to tackle another day.

How do you handle all the teachable moments that come with parenting?

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