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Photographer Captures ‘Breastfeeding Goddesses’

Breastfeeding is natural, instinctual, and above all, normal. And while photographer Ivette Ivens sought to normalize breastfeeding by stripping away everything that gets in the way, these amazing photos are anything but normal.

Ivens, a mom of two herself, brings her subjects outside to capture breastfeeding in nature.

"I want people to look at it as if it was a cat nursing her baby kittens. Or any other mammal, if you're not a cat person," she tells the Huffington Post. "Forget the covering up, nursing in a public bathroom, age restrictions. It's between a mother and her child."

Wearing gowns and beaming with pride, these moms look like the goddesses of breastfeeding. Which is exactly what Ivens was going for.

"Every time I nurse my baby with my burp-spotted shirt on and messy hair, I still feel like some kind of superhero, and nursing is my super power," she says. Her book, Breastfeeding Goddesses, will be available for pre-order starting May 3.


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Ivette Ivens Photography


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Ivette Ivens Photography


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Ivette Ivens Photography


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Ivette Ivens Photography

PHOTO: Ivette Ivens Photography
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