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Restart Milk Supply?

Baby and I took a nursing hiatus. Can I restart my milk supply?

It takes a while for your body to stop producing breast milk, so you probably can get back in the groove of breastfeeding. But how easily it happens all depends on how long your nursing hiatus has been.

To restart your supply, get baby back to breastfeeding as soon as possible, and feed on demand — in other words, whenever baby gives feeding cues, offer her the breast. If baby’s also on solids, make sure you offer her the breast before any other food, so that her main source of nutrition is your breast milk. It’s important not to restrict baby’s feeding time. Let her nurse as long as she wants on the first breast and then offer the second breast if she still seems hungry. If she only takes one breast at a feeding, that’s okay, just offer the second breast at the start of the next feeding.

To help things along even more, you can also pump between feedings with a double electric pump, or pump on one side while baby nurses on the other. The pumping will send your body the stimulation signals it needs to increase your milk supply.

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