Secrets for Moms of Multiples

How do you handle everything when you've got more than one baby? Moms who've been through it share their sage advice.
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Updated May 4, 2017
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“Be willing to accept help! It doesn’t have to be caring for the babies — help with laundry, grocery shopping and meal deliveries were all much appreciated when my babies were tiny.” — MuseumMaven

“To get errands done and get one-on-one time, have your husband stay home with one twin while you run an errand with the other.” — Jen0204

“Buy a white noise machine. Since the babies are used to womb sounds, it helps them sleep for longer periods of time.” — LucyRicardo3

“If you end up bottle-feeding, learn how to  feed the babies at the same time with bouncy seats or Boppys or something.” — LottaLattes

“Get the  twins on the same schedule starting at birth at the hospital, especially if you are going to try to breastfeed. Doing it tandem will save you lots of time!” — smcgervey

“Don’t listen to any negative comments about how hard having twins will be.  Twins are awesome. There will be hard times but way more good times.” — Lymdogally

“Caffeine, lots of caffeine.” — ViolaPlayer

“Invest in a playyard. It keeps the twins’ chaos (and mess) confined to one area, and keeps them safe while you try to do some chores.” — benz2010

“Save some time when it comes to meals. Shop for groceries online and make larger meals so that you can eat leftovers either for lunches or for another dinner during the week.” — ColleenS629

“When you’re ready to take the twins out to restaurants, pick family-friendly places. Also, go during the restaurant’s slow hours.” — Chickaboo1974

“If one twin wakes too early, I either put him in the swing or in my bed with me so he doesn’t wake the other.” — lmydogally

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“Make sure your partner helps as much as possible. I write my husband lists and send them to his iPhone.” — sunglow28

“Breathe. You can do this, even though sometimes it feels like you can’t.” — Lilystar82

“Don’t put pressure on yourself to do things just like singleton parents do.” — Macchiatto

“Do what you have to do to get through it, especially when you have newborn multiples. As long as everyone is healthy and alive at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.” — MrsLee04

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