Mom’s Got Talent: 5 Skills Parents Want to Pass on to Their Kids

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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated March 2, 2017
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As a parent, you want your kids to be just like you, only better. Just like dad, you hope your little quarterback will lead the Pee Wee team all the way to States, right? Or maybe he’ll get mom’s ability to carry a tune and sing his way to a record deal.

No dream is too big, or in the case of some Bumpies, too small! Our community boards are buzzing with fun quirks and totally random talents parents hope their kids inherit from them. “I feel like it sounds stupid but I want to pass down my left handed-ness,” confesses one mom.

Here are five more of the funniest skills that Bumpies hope to pass on down the line. If the gene pool plays out in their favor, it looks like the next generation will be super talented.

1. "I hope my little one gets my husband’s love of trying all foods. I’ve never seen someone who is less of a picky eater."

2. "Being able to fold a fitted sheet. Yeah, I don’t know."

3. "My ‘talent’ to pass on: eavesdropping. So rude, but I’m so good at it."

4. "I’m going to teach my kids how to gamble…I think poker skills translate well into valuable life skills (I use them to negotiate, evaluate and determine odds) and teaching them about casino games will make them bet smartly."

5. "A good sleeper?"

Have your own hidden talent? Join in the conversation here!

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