Q&A: Staying in Touch With Friends After Baby?

I have to devote so much time to my family now that I’m afraid I’ll lose all my friends — especially the ones without kids. I simply don’t have time for them right now. How can I let them know I’m not gone forever?
ByTammy Gold
March 2, 2017
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It can be very difficult to maintain friendships when you’re busy. Things can be made even more difficult when you’re in different phases of life. If you’d like to connect with your friends, simply be honest with them and explain your situation. Tell them that you want to keep in touch as best you can, and try to find new, easier ways to maintain contact, like email. If possible, try to schedule some friend time far in advance when you think you’ll be able to make it. Then you can establish regular times on a monthly or weekly basis when you can go out, or simply call friends to check in. Just be honest with yourself and with your friends regarding your needs and how you can best work to keep in touch.

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