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Surprise! Dads-to-Be Are Hormonal Too

If you’re going to blame your short temper and wild cravings on hormones, you better cut your guy some slack, too.

In an extensive study on first-time expectant couples, it was discovered guys are prone to hormonal changes just like pregnant women. As expected, female hormones increased across the board: testosterone, cortisol, estradiol and progesterone. Not so expected, the men saw a significant drop in their testosterone and estradiol levels.

“Other studies have shown that men’s hormones change once they become fathers, but our findings suggest that these changes may begin even earlier, during the transition to fatherhood,” said Dr. Robin Edelstein, lead author of the study published in the American Journal of Human Biology. “We don’t yet know exactly why men’s hormones are changing; these changes could be a function of psychological changes that men experience as they prepare to become fathers, changes in their romantic relationships, or even physical changes that men experience along with their pregnant partners.”

Until more studies are done to find out why this is happening, we’re going to make a wild guess that maybe he’s softening up because he’s falling even more in love with you.

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