10 Things Moms Wish They’d Done Before They Had Kids

If they could turn back time, here's what veteran moms would do before baby's arrival. Take notes!
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BySarah Yang
Apr 2017
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You know you’re entering uncharted territory when you get pregnant—but exactly how will things change? These Bumpies dish on what they’d do if they could turn back the clock to their prebaby days. Moms-to-be, here’s your last chance to cross these off your list.

“Travel, go on a romantic vacation, finish my second degree and spend more time being ‘married’ to my husband. I thought having kids six months into a marriage was too soon.” — daisy678

“Bought a house. We still can’t buy one.” — baseballgal55

“Go to Europe—it’s going to be a long wait now!” — primaballerinaxo

“I wish we got our finances in order—paid off our credit cards, etc. That was our own fault, and now we’re learning the hard way!” — momma_bear21

“The biggest thing would have been to redo some rooms in the house—the kitchen, bathrooms, back deck—insulate the attic and other small, but time-consuming things. We planned and wanted our first child, but looking back now and knowing the work it takes, I wish we would’ve done that stuff before the kids.” — pinkluvr5525

“Go on our honeymoon. We spent the weekend after we got married in a special hotel. We were planning our honeymoon for this summer, but I got pregnant before then.” — happydaze84

“I wish I made lots of money, hah!” — gigi980

“I wish we had gotten married earlier to have more time for just us and enough time to finish our house.” — lady_in_rouge00

“Go to the movies more. I haven’t seen one in a theater for almost two years!” — ems_llh

“I wish I had gone to Africa. It’s on my bucket list. With preschool and child care and everything else to pay for, it just seems too trivial to spend money on right now.” — lolo_r

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