10 Things Only Parents Think Are Sexy

Has your definition of romance changed now that you're a mom? You're not the only one.
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ByElena Donovan Mauer
Mar 2017
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1. Scheduling sex

“I think it’s sexy when he schedules sex! As a new parent, that seems like the only way we can have time alone. Before I had a baby, I swore that I would never be one of those people.” — kdjudd

2. A man who cuddles — with someone else

“I never knew I’d find my husband sexy because he shows physical affection to our son. Each time they share a blanket, or when he kisses his forehead, I fall deeper in love with my big, masculine beast!” — emnasirboy

3. Diaper changing

“I love when he changes my daughter’s diaper in the morning. Something about watching him tend to and giggle with her, while he’s still sleepy and topless with bed head and morning breath, makes me fall in love with him over and over again.” — MrsBigTime

4. Being left alone

“Letting me sleep in, in the morning, is bound to get him some action that night!” — Mrs&Dr2b

5. Toddler “beauty school”  

“He lets our two-year-old do his makeup. He can really rock the red lipstick all over his face, and I crumble over his dedication to keeping her happy.” — rjeller32

6. Drooling

“I completely melt when I see my partner and daughter taking a nap on the couch together, her drooling on him and both completely content.” — JVaow

7. Housework

“My husband cleaned the whole house while I was shopping with the girls. He was folding laundry and bouncing my son in his bouncy seat when I got home. Definitely the new sexy.” — lindseywit

8. Baby talk

“I find it super sexy when my husband is sweet and full of baby talk when he thinks I’m not around to see and hear it.” — Eva D.

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9. Wiping up puke

“When my toddler vomits, he cleans it, because I’m pregnant and being near it would make me feel sick. Love you, hubby!” _— Diana Q. _

10. Babywearing

“I’ve worn my son in the Moby baby carrier since birth — he’s four months now and I still wear him. My hubby wore him last Saturday, and I was ready to jump him, if y’all know what I mean!” — Kelly S.

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