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Things You Never Thought You’d Say, But Do

We know there are some things you thought you wouldn’t ever be caught saying, but now that you’re a mom, you just can’t hold back. Bumpies share the unbelievable things that have come out of their mouths. What have you caught yourself saying?

“Poop is a very common conversation topic.” — Sierra S.

“No, I don’t want those free tickets to the game. I’m too tired and bloated.” —_ Stephanie S._

“I never thought I would say, ‘Because I said so,’ but now that my daughter is five years old and in the ‘Why?’ stage, I say it all the time.” — Lynette H.

“‘No, I’d rather go to bed’ — which pertains to many different things.” — Amy B.

“I’ve caught myself saying, ‘That’s not nice!’ to a driver who cut me off. In my pre-kids days I would have had a few choice other words.” — Dannielle B.

“Ahh, he just peed in my mouth!” — Amber M.

“My favorite comebacks are ‘That wasn’t an option’ and ‘Yeah? But what did I say?’ Emphasis on the ‘I.’
 — Ashley T.

“My husband and I always say we never thought we would be excited for poops and burps. Now we are.” — Elizabeth B.

“I say ‘Go find Da-da’ a lot — usually when I’m trying to cook to keep him out of the kitchen, but sometimes when I want to go to the bathroom alone.” — Lisa B.

“I call feet ‘tootsies’ and snacks ‘num nums.’” — Shantelle M.

“I say, ‘Just wait, one day you’ll have a kid just like you,’ to my three-year-old son all the time. My mom said it to me until he was born — now I understand and appreciate her more!” — Michelle S.

“No, don’t stick your finger up Momma’s nose.” — _Olivia S. _

“My dad’s common quote is: ‘You can never have anything nice with kids.’ Now it’s my own!” — Stacy D.

“I find myself singing lullabies even when I’m by myself. I don’t even realize I’m doing it.” — Antioinette V.

“My favorite one is, ‘Do you need to go potty?’ My kids hate having to stop what they are doing just to go potty.” — Lisa R.

“‘Leave the cat alone’ or ‘Go clean your room or your toys are going out with the trash.’” — Anne M.

“‘Put the dog poop down!’” My toddler daughter just had to put everything in her mouth! Ew!” – Shannon G.

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