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Tired Moms’ ‘Blank Space’ Parody Is an Internet Hit (Video)

Since we know you couldn’t get enough of the Taylor’ Swift’s “Blank Space” music video, we found this parody from What’s Up Moms to give you just a little bit more.

Yup, it turns out that some of Swift’s ex-boyfriend drama translates pretty well into the parenting world. Take a look:

“Oh my god, look at that face. You look like you’re so awake,” complains the singer. What’s a tired mom to do? Head to Starbucks, of course. You know, because their cups have a blank space on which to write your name.

Another snippet: “Cause we’re old and we’re tried, how about we watch TV?” Is your afternoon already feeling like this? Grab a cup of coffee and watch the video. A little caffeinated empathy can go a long way. (via Huffington Post)