Pearl the Pig and Libby: Unlikely BFFs

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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated March 2, 2017
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Image: Live Sweet Photography via Instagram

Looking for some babies, animals and a whole lot of pink to brighten up your Sunday? Photographer Lindsey Bonnice has you covered with her Instagram acccount, Live Sweet Photography, which is largely dedicated to chronicling the relationship between her two-year-old adopted daughter Libby and their three-month-old pet pig, Pearl.

Bonnice has documented some pretty sweet moments, from tea parties and pajama parties to cuddle sessions. The best part? Libby loved pigs even before Pearl came along.

“Libby has been obsessed with pigs for about six months now, always wanting to see pictures of them and watch videos on our phones,” Bonnice tells the Huffington Post. “So, after lots of research and hearing wonderful things about these sweet guys we decided that adding a pig to our family would be great.”

And her photos aren’t just precious and pretty; Live Sweet Photography (which also sells kids’ products) donates a portion of the profits to families who are adopting. After giving birth to a son, Noah, in 2008, Bonnice and her husband adopted Libby in 2013. “Adoption is tough, and very emotional, but also one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done!” she said.

The couple is working on starting a non-profit devoted to raising awareness and funds for adoption. We hope they save some time to keep updating Instagram.

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