Real-Life Toddler Princesses Make Photo Debut

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ByCatey Condit
Mar 2017
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Photo: Myranda Josephson

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (California)…

Two-year-old Claire and her one-year-old cousin  Chloe  recreated their favorite fairytale characters in an adorably magical photo shoot.

Jessica West — Claire’s mom and the mastermind behind the shoot — was inspired by similar photos to create a fantasy world for her daughter and niece. After making the intricate costumes for the two girls, West signed on photographer  Myranda Josephson to capture all of the magic on camera.

They ate apples as Snow White…

Photo: Myranda Josephson

Myranda Josephson

Scrubbed the floors as Cinderella…

Myranda Josephson


Played not-so-sleepy Sleeping Beauties…

Myranda Josephson


Became more and more curious as Alice in Wonderland…

Photo: Myranda Josephson

Myranda Josephson

And posed with a “real” wolf as Little Red Riding Hood.

Inspired to recreate the shoot with your own little princesses? (Or looking to get a jump start on Halloween 2015?) Check out Jessica’s Etsy Shop,  Ever After Props, where she sells similar costumes and accessories.

And this is just the beginning! West is already planning more shoots. “I’m already sketching ideas for a very elaborate set of Beauty and the Beast costumes for Claire and my son, Jake,” she said. “My sister has also requested a Little Mermaid/Prince Eric set for Chloe and her son, Cayden.”

We can’t wait to see how those turn out. But until then…

They all lived happily ever after!

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