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Try These 5 Toddler-Friendly Pancake Recipes for National Pancake Day

If you love fluffy, fruity, chocolate-y pancakes, chances are your tot will, too. What's not to obsess over? So today, on National Pancake Day,  we're giving you five easy recipes — from mini-pancakes to dairy-free flapjacks — to share with your toddler. But don't blame us if they reach for seconds. Has your toddler tried pancakes yet?

Toddler's First Pancakes

If you’re letting your toddler in on the wonderful world of pancakes for the first time, these fun (and thin) rollups will leave a lasting impression.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Annabel Karmel

Three Ingredient Pancakes

If you’ve got bananas, eggs, flour and little time to spare, then you can make this simple pancake recipe.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Kirbie Cravings

Egg, Dairy and Sugar-Free Banana Pancakes

These hotcakes are perfect if your tot has an egg, sugar or dairy allergy. Oats and other healthy ingredients are substituted — and you can always add in other pieces of fruit to complement the bananas.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Ovenhaven

Pumpkin Pancakes

For a fun variation on flavor, give your toddler a taste of pumpkin while it’s still chilly and “seasonal” out.

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Mini Pancakes

What’s cuter than your little one eating a little pancake? Mini pancakes are a fun finger food and can crumble easily to eat on a high chair. Bonus: this recipe is made to freeze well, so you can make a ton and save 'em for later.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of One Sweet Appetite
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