Twin Toddler Playground Safety?

How do I manage my toddler twins when I’m alone with them at the playground? I only have one pair of eyes and two hands, and I’m scared someone’s going to run off or get hurt!
ByPreeti Parikh, MD
Mar 2017
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There’s nothing scarier to a twin mom than the thought of chasing after one toddler as the other dangles dangerously from the edge of some climbing equipment. But unless you tie them together (and we don’t recommend doing that!), they’re going to explore on their own. The key to keeping them safe in the process? Choosing the right places to play.

Pick a playground that’s fenced in and away from a road. If you can, head there during off hours so there’s less traffic to navigate. Even better? If it’s a smaller, less crowded park that you can more easily handle.

Once you’re there, direct your kids to safer equipment. The sandbox is a great place to hang: Bring lots of toys to keep the twins busy and contained. Or head over to the swings and see if you can get two side by side — they’ll be in the same place and it’ll be easier to keep your eye on what’s going on.

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