Q&A: Unsure of Parent Potential?

Right now I'm stay-at-home and 12 weeks pregnant. I can't seem to get the motivation together to keep everything neat and organized in the house like I did before. Because of this I feel like I'm going to be an inadequate mom. I mean, if I can't even keep my house clean while being pregnant, how am I going to be able to take good care of the baby?
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Updated March 2, 2017
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It is very important to remember you are still in your first trimester of pregnancy, where fatigue is still one of the most common symptoms. During this time you should give in to the fatigue and rest, instead of trying to fight it. You cannot judge yourself or compare yourself during this time because there is a great deal going on (both physically and emotionally) that is causing you to become so tired.

Being tired during pregnancy (something common in almost all pregnant moms) has nothing at all to do with how you will be as a mother. Being a good mother comes from loving and caring for your child to the best of your ability, and it has no basis on how well you clean your home. I think you are being very hard on yourself and instead of focusing on the negatives, try focusing on the positives of being tired. If you are concerned about being tired after the baby, think of ways to incorporate help into your home. Sometimes beautiful moments happen when both Mommy and baby are resting together and creating a wonderful bond. Take this alone time during pregnancy to work on fostering a new attitude and implementing a back-up plan of support during pregnancy and birth. Most of all, be good to yourself by resting, taking care of yourself, and believing in your capacity to mother.

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