Want to Be a Happier Mom? Get More Texts

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January 30, 2017
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I send/receive (over 1,000) an embarrassing amount of texts a month (I’m on Sprint’s inexpensive “all you can eat” plan). But wait, before you gasp in horror, read this study that finds people who get more texts are happier. As one of the “texting pioneers” (I started texting in the summer of 2003), I feel part of the texting movement and it’s new language. Acronyms like “OMG,”  “WTH,” and ones that didn’t catch on that my mom friends and I thought up on the spot such as “SMN” (shoot me now) and “PSDS” Post San Diego Syndrome - a disturbing condition my kids get for about a week after spending time with their amazing grandparents). Texting not only makes me happier, but now that I have zero time to have a full phone conversation, it keeps me sane and connected with my people.

I channel my frustration in a productive way: Instead of yelling at the kids, I can jab out a quick text to my husband that says “UR CHILD IS IN HIS 11TH TIME OUT OF THE DAY!!”

I get/give important news as it happens from people I love: “OMG he just took his first steps! Tear!”

I get ideas and reminders off my list, the moment I think of them : “Can u stop n pick up Depends-heavy absorb otw home so I can go to kickboxing class? Thx, ur the best hub ever.”

I save heartwarming texts to brighten my day: I put them in a folder called “pickmeups” and when I’m having a crappy day, I go back and read a sweet love note or funny message to get an immediate lift.


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