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How Much Water Should I Drink While Breastfeeding?

How much water should I drink while breastfeeding?

Sorry, but there’s no specific number to stick to. Just drink to thirst. Breastfeeding does make you thirsty, and as long as you’re drinking enough to satisfy that thirst, you’re fine. The amount of water needed varies from mom-to-mom and day-to-day; you’ll probably drink more on a hot day or when you’re extremely active. One way to tell if you’re adequately hydrated: check your pee. If your urine is pale yellow, you’re taking in enough fluids. If it’s darker, drink some extra fluid.

Of course, remembering to actually drink water can be a bit of a challenge when you’re focused on a newborn. So keep a glass or bottle of water handy. Place one near the glider or chair where you breastfeed most and another in your baby’s room, or wherever else you frequently spend time. Drink some water every time you sit down to nurse your baby.

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