10 Things Your Baby Is Definitely Thinking

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Feb 2017
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As 2015 winds down and we start to relax this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on the past year’s accomplishments. If you’re a new mom, this might be the year you got your greatest gift yet—a baby! Imagine if your baby could marvel at all that he or she’s accomplished so far, and in just a few short months. Bumpies in our community are doing just that, stepping into their babies’ tiny shoes to share their latest tricks and discoveries—all from baby’s point of view.

  1. “My new favorite thing to do is roll all over while mommy is changing me; it’s so fun to air my tush out! Who cares if I nearly get poop all over? There is always lots of spare time for laundry and cleaning!”


  1. “I fake cry until those suckers pick me up. Then I start laughing. And don’t bother putting socks on me because I’ll just roll up into a ball and pull them off.” 


  1. “I like to lay on the couch and kick my dad in the balls. Repeatedly.” 


  1. “I just learned to pant like my dog Toby. We love having our own secret language. He’s crazy funny when he jumps around and does tummy time with me. I pull his hair to let him know I love him.”


  1. “I like to burp in mom’s face, I think it’s so hilarious!” 


  1. “Hey, come here. Little closer. Liiiittle closer. Great. Now I’m just gonna need to eat your hair. (I also like to chew on my toes, especially after mom takes off my moccasins when they are nice and stinky.)”


  1. “My favorite thing to do is act really sleepy. Sometimes I’ll even close my eyes, but when mom or dad lays me in my crib…BAM. I’m wide awake! Gotcha!”


  1. “The doctor says I can now eat regular formula instead of pricey hypoallergenic formula, but I’m gonna keep spitting up the new formula because I ain’t no cheap date!”


9. “I love these things called ‘books’ Mommy sometimes gives me. It is so fun to pull them down from the bookshelf so Mommy has to pick them up. I like to drop them. I don’t understand why she insists on opening them and turning the pages. Obviously, they should be closed so I can chew on the corners. Library books taste icky but I must have them in my mouth anyway. There are times I’d rather have a nice chunky board book in my mouth than a teether or pacifier, which are so last month.” 


  1. "I like to party all night long. My mommy can’t possibly want to sleep when there’s a party going on in my room. People tell my mommy I will sleep through the night by 6 months, and I just laugh and laugh.


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